Dunstable Gateway Scheme



As part of the Highways England A5 bypass works, Gavigan Paving were heavily involved in the re-development of Dunstable High street. We worked in partnership with Ringway Jacobs and Bedfordshire County Council to deliver all of the Civil Engineering Construction works.

This was a high profile project, with a tight construction programme and a challenging environment in which to deliver the works. The works were delivered on programme and to the target cost. At its peak we had a resource level of 25 operatives in the lead up to the busy Christmas period to hit the clients key milestone date for the Christmas Moratorium, all of which, we achieved as planned.
The scheme itself was implemented to help reduce the volume of traffic using the high street, reduce traffic speeds (traffic calming) and provide better, aesthetically pleasing public spaces. The public spaces were designed in such away so as to keep the feel of the local historic market town whilst also encouraging visitors from further afield.


The main features of the scheme included the following:
- Traffic calming measures on all four approaches to the high street
- New, improved pedestrian crossings
- Improved pedestrian areas and public spaces
- New seating, rain gardens & planted areas to improve the public spaces.


The works started in late October and was subject to a very tight program working in all five locations at the same time.

A general overview of what Gavigan Paving carried out during the works can be found below:
- All Drainage Works, including connections to mains, gully installations, laying pipework, installing manholes, installation of a Hydro-Break and Acco Drainage.
- Block Paving, to a Diamond Pattern through the busy Middle Row Shopping Area
- Re-Laying of Existing Yorkstone Paving
- Installation of Saxon Paving
- All Setting out of new levels, new kerb lines and the like using our own in-house engineering team.
- All Traffic Signal Infrastructure Works, including ducting, drawpits, feeder pillar / cabinet bases.
- Installation of all New Street Furniture, including Cycle Stands, Benches, bollards & Litter Bins
- Installation of New Signs and Sign Posts
- Removal of site waste using our in-house Grab Wagon’s
- Supply of our in-house Welfare Facilities
- All Paving laid on screed bed, supplied by our own in house Volumetric Concrete Wagon.
- Asphalt works all delivered by our in-house surfacing team and equipment.
- Full Site Supervision
























Middle Row is a busy shopping area which has had a full makeover, with new block paving laid to match the Market square, in a diamond pattern with two different coloured blocks. This was a total area of 2400m2. All of the works was delivered with all of the challenges that come with working in a busy shopping area, whilst causing little disruption to local shops, market stalls and cafés. This section of work was delivered within a tight 10 week programme, with little margin for error.

Other Gateway areas included High Street South, West Street, Church Street & High Street North
High Street South is a main public area and the improvements carried out consisted off new Yorkstone paving & setts, improved paving around the bandstand area and widened footway areas .

As part of a joint innovation trial with Ringway Jacobs,  Gavigan Paving installed the ‘sight line’ signs and barrier system.
Gavigan Paving had previously purchased the ‘sightline barriers’ with finger rumble strips incorporated into the barrier design. These were installed in conjunction with ‘sightline’ electronic signs on the barriers and electronic advanced footway signs.
The works are programmed into an App which is installed on a visually impaired persons phone. The App informs the person about the works, how far they are in front of them and how long the obstruction/diversion is.
When the person reaches the advanced signs, a signal is picked up to inform them about the works ahead.
The Arrow signs on the barriers inform the visually impaired person which way to go. Once they meet the barriers the person then feels there way along the barriers using the finger tip rumble strips. Where there is a change of direction an electronic sign is placed warning the person.

The system was tested by local visually impaired residents and proved to be a success. 

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